Playing Eternity's Child

Formerly known with its previous title 'Angel Eternity', the game, Eternity's child, is a game created and released by Luc Bernard with the help of Silver Sphere, on the year 2008, July 31 in 'Steam'. The game is set on a fairy tale concept which is played as a side-scrolling game. It will also render you with the task to manage two different characters at the same time. A Nintendo Wii Version was supposed to be launched but was unfortunately cancelled. The Wii version was supposed to have a gameplay set-up where the player will control one character using the pointer while the other with the analogue stick.

The game was initially intended to have been developed and to be played using the Live Arcade of Xbox. It was created using the XNA Toolset, and belonged to the first games to have been made with the said tool. Unfortunately, this initial plan was turned into a halt and was transformed to be played on another console which is the Nintendo DS along with a downloadable game for Wii. Mishaps and problems continue to arise as Bernard later finds out that the version for the Nintendo DS was cancelled. To back this up, he later announces that he will release the game on Steam to playable using PCs and then on PS3 through download on the PS store. However, in saying that it'll be available for another console, he still recommend to play it using Wii since it highly takes advantage of the Wii controls - making the game easier and more exciting to be played.

Since the game was originally made with the XNA toolset, now that it focuses on being played on Wii, Eternity's Child is facing further reconstructions in order to adapt its gameplay on the console. In Bernard's dismay, the game is still not released even though it was announced, considering it as vaporware.

The game also received various negative feedbacks from different renowned gamers and reviewers, even being called as one of the worst by game to be played for the past recent years as stated by Anthony Burch. Destructoid had also given the game some gravely disappointing feedbacks, claiming that the game has horrible animation, a flawed design as well as broken controls. Fortunately, it received a little higher score from Gametunnel and

Eternity's Child may many rough edges, but after the patch, the negative certain feedbacks turned into a statement saying that it is hard to judge. Summing it up, if you are lenient and interested on a 2D game along with the loose controls and various challenging hard levels, this game will still be worth trying.