Enter the Nazi Camp: Imagination is the Only Escape

When it comes to military shooting games, it is already common to use settings from the World War II as this concept is the most ideal atmosphere for an exciting and thrilling gun action - like the popular game Wolfenstein 3D by John Carmack. In comparison with this, a game which is set to see a grave and terrifying event, the holocaust, through a child's point-of-view is definitely something that you wouldn't be able to see every time. This new and unique concept was brought up by Luc Bernard on 2008 on the game he created entitled Imagination is the Only Escape.

The game was supposed to be a game for Nintendo DS about a young boy which is your main character, who escapes the terrifying event of the Holocaust through his mind, or rather through his imagination and fantasy. Unfortunately, the game never made it to the market at the time, but five years after his failed attempt, Luc finally set forth and try to finally release the game to the world.

The game revolves around Samuel, a young boy who was a victim of the occupation by the Nazi in France by 1942. The horror was getting much more terrifying as the roundup happens, and the boy scour the forest and escape the grave and traumatizing event through entering his realm of imagination. The story will happen more on the fantasy realm made by Samuel as he befriends a fox who accompanies him on his journey.

The inspiration of Luc in creating the game is the fact that people enjoy military shooting games, war and especially those on the set-up of World War. He aims to make it clear that such event is nothing to be happy about, and hence he derived in this labeled 'sensitive' and serious game which aims to make people feel and empathize with the victims and survivors of the war.

The Imagination is the Only Escape will be launched to the market, available in various operating systems like Windows, Android, Mac and iOS. The game which Luc has been preparing for years is now ready to set forth and aim to make people think differently after playing this unique and serious game.