Who Remembers Eternity Child's Luc Bernard, Where Has He Been?

Who remembers Luc Bernard, the developer behind the game Eternity's child, the WiiWare title that never quite made it? Well since then he has gone on to produce a series of titles on Android and iOS, such as SteamPirates and Mecho Wars.

Luc Bernard has been a fan of Nintendo longer that he can remember and has been observing recent Wii U and Nintendo 3DS developments with interest. Not surprising really, since he recently launched a crowding campaign.

The crowdfunding campaign is for his title 'Imagination Is The Only Escape', a game that focuses on the sensitive issue of the Holocaust. The game was originally scheduled for release on Nintendo's hand held system Nintendo DS and also WiiWare, so as also to be played on their video console.

Over the past few years, he claims to have been working with various different publishers. He has worked for a variety of large companies in the capacity of design consultant, but doesn't feel comfortable like he used to, since he recognizes he is a bit of an off the wall character!

Some of his projects have been put on hold indefinitely. However he now wishes to resume work on his title 'Imagination Is The Only Escape', as he deems this as his most important creation.

Asked about the expected Nintendo versions of Mecho Wars and Eternity's Child, Bernard said that they sadly never managed to materialize. With regards to Eternity's Child, Alten8 WiiWare's publisher didn't finish porting it. With Mecho Wars, although it was able to be run on Wii, it was not cost effective or lucrative enough for WiiWare to release it. As a result it ended up on the lighter version of PlayStation on their PSP.

Referring back to his early dealings with Nintendo, Luc Bernard claimed they were not nice to him at all. He went on to say that they were so horrible to him in fact that it had a knock-on effect with the WiiWare sales for him and for many of his fellow developers, all being small indies. However he did also add that he is not an easy person to work with. Well at least he's honest, one has to say!