Mecho Wars Is A Spin-Off Of Eternity Child - The Story Continues!

When going through the App store, it stands out that some genres are more saturated than others. It would appear that there is an extreme shortage of turn based strategy games. One can only be grateful for Luc Bernard game designer hooking up with game developers Oyaji Games, as they step up to the plate to deliver Mecho Wars available through the App store.

At a cost of $4.99, this turn based strategy game Mecho Wars adds to a very short list of good quality strategy games for the iPhone. It is a colorful spin-off to Bernard's Eternity Child, where a flooded planet saw the wingless hunted down by the winged, with all natural things succumbing to machines.

With Eternity child not being well received by some critics, in spite of its amazing art style and Sean Beeson's musical score, this game expands the story. Now the player can immerse themselves even deeper.

Mecho Wars tells the story of the war between the Winged Crusade and the Landians which all takes place in the Divination Deserts. It's all wrapped up in the same colorful art style of its predecessor, along with a new engaging soundtrack, again delivered by Sean Beeson.

When playing as a single player, the player assumes the role of the Winged Crusade. There are thirteen different stages to play through, with the ability to replay one of the stages, once it's been completed. Six further maps can be played in Challenge mode, with multiplayer mode only operational by sharing the device with a fellow gamer locally.

The gameplay is classic turn based strategy and anyone who is familiar with this type of strategic-level wargame should have no troubles at all in picking up how everything all unfolds. To select a unit, the player taps on it, and then taps the enemy to attack or the terrain if wanting to make a move.

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New units can be bought with money created from capturing buildings and the player's turn end's each time they make an attack or move the unit. The AI opponent then does the same and Mecho Wars is off and under way! Just keep at it and it all soon falls in place!