The Greatness of NYX Interactive

From its parent company, the NXY Gaming Group, enters another outstanding company in the industry, The NYX Interactive, which is a solution provider in the gaming industry, famous for many of their product solutions, but most of their fame focuses on their OGS and its equally good solution, the MOVE. The company has its base on Las Vegas and is a proud member of renowned and reputable groups from its company like the Stockholm and the World Lotteries Association.

The name of their CEO itself stands to make an impression as it is currently under the man who proudly garnered the top of the business and gained the prestigious award of being entitled as the 'Swedish CEO of the Year' on the year 2013 at the Awarding for Business Excellence. Due to this, it is definitely a certainty that the company is handled with great care and excellence, even being considered as part of the top 50 companies which are quickly booming and continuously flourishing in the industry, within the borders of the mighty Scandinavian country.

The most famous and killer weapon included in their portfolios of services and products is the OGS or the 'Open Gaming System'. It is a prestigious system, but summing it up, it is a technology possessing a smooth API which surprisingly allows those of its licensees to anchorage contents of web-based gambling establishments from diverse suppliers around the globe.

They also have another system called MOVE. This software of theirs is dedicated to the mobile industry world, moving their agenda and extending it to the borders of the Android and iOS industry. It also has the smooth and slick API of the OGS and it will serve its licensees countless games.

Being a licensee of the great NYX Interactive will definitely feel surreal as the prestigious opportunity will allow you to gain access to various and countless renowned titles in the world of iGaming like the Marvel & DC games which includes Captain America, Superman, Green Lantern, The Hulk, Fantastic Four and many more. There are also games that stands out in graphics like their 3D Sheriff Games along with some other in-house releases and a whole lot more. As you guessed, these are nothing but glimpse to the greatness which NYX Interactive holds. You may follow them on news and events about them and behold the grandeur they possess.